Congratulations to Terry For Becoming a Certified Reiki Master!


The spiritual community of Reiki has just grown by 1 more, as Terry has become a Certified Reiki Master!

Terry displayed focus and determination towards learning and understanding what is Reiki.

Here is what Terry had to share about her experience with the course, and with learning from Yoshiko;

“Yoshiko and I have taught together at the yoga studio, it was very easy for us to work together in class, so having Yoshiko as my Reiki teacher was very comfortable for me. Yoshiko’s teaching style is very soothing and she is very patient. She explains each step very thoroughly. I learned how to draw the symbols. Yoshiko stressed the importance of the detail to each symbol. Very important. I also learned the value of the ‘feel’ of Reiki and overcoming any nervousness about being a Reiki Master. ”

“It is an honor to study with Yoshiko.”

July 17th 2014 is a beautiful day for Terry and the world.

Congratulations Terry!!!

Congratulations to Anelis & Mark for Becoming Certified Reiki Masters!

Mark & Anelis


Reiki Cert Course

The spiritual community of Reiki has just grown by 2 more, as Anelis and Mark have become Certified Reiki Masters!

José and I congratulate them in their achievement, for they showed sincere dedication and focus towards learning and understanding what is Reiki.

Now they will continue forward in sharing with people the wonderful gift that is used in hospitals and centers all over the world!

June 29th 2014 is a beautiful day for them, and for the world.

Congratulations Anelis & Mark!!!

Learn Why People Are Receiving Results With Reiki From Yoshiko!

Yoshiko has been providing people with amazing results when doing Reiki with them.

Some people have been seeing signs or their affirmations come true the next day!

Yoshiko always reminds people that Reiki is the healing energy that comes from the Universe that is within each and every one of us, she is just simply used as a guide to assist.

Just look at some of the testimonials written about her healing work in Reiki!

If you are interested in learning more, just click and want to contact Yoshiko for more information, or want to schedule a session, click here to contact Yoshiko.

Yoshiko & José Meet Kimiko Bokura-Shafe; Director of “Mindful Leadership Institute,” in Tokyo, Japan!

Yoshiko & José, along with friend/English Teacher, Tatsuya Iwasaki, got to finally meet Kimiko Bokura-Shafe, Director of  “Mindful Leadership Institute,” in Tokyo Japan.

Everyone got to enjoy the moment of spending time with like-minded individuals, sharing ideas with each other on how to continue their individual journey’s together in spreading the word of Mindfulness, Meditation, Empathy, Comapssion, & Emotional Intelligence!

To learn more about “Mindful Leadership Institute,” click on this link. (Website is in Japanese).

Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher, Artist, Jewelry Designer, Artisan Pastry Chef